Healflux Custom Frequency Generator v2

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Generate custom frequencies for healing, meditation, chakra work & higher states of consciousness. This device generates pure Sine Wave frequencies between 0.1 – 100,000Hz that are more powerful than any phone or app.

Use it for:
– Sound Healing
– PEMF Healing
– Imprinting frequencies

How to Use:
– Plug the device into a wall socket, laptop or power bank using the provided USB-C power cable.
– *Connect some earphones to the device or connect the device to a speaker using an AUX cable.
– Type in the desired frequency using the touch pad on the device.
– Press “Ok”.

*If you don’t use sound, the device will generate a PEMF of the inputted frequency with a radius of roughly 1.5 meters.

The default frequency is set to 7.83Hz (Schumann Resonance), which is a grounding frequency.

WARNING: The frequencies are very powerful, DO NOT listen to a frequency for more than 20mins at a time, but you can use it multiple times per day. DO NOT listen at high volume. This warning does not apply when using it without sound.


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