Hydroshot – Hydrogen Water Bottle

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Feeling Stuck In Your Quest To Optimize Your Health?

Osoana Hydrogen Water Bottle seamlessly combines the power of Molecular Hydrogen Therapy, Alkaline Water Technology, and Portable Hydration for enhanced well-being and vitality.

Hydrogen Water Drinking

  • Support your weight loss journey with metabolism boost and appetite regulation.
  • Elevate energy levels, reducing fatigue and enhancing cellular function.
  • Combat stress naturally with hydrogen antioxidants, fostering relaxation and mental well-being.
DO YOU KNOW THAT 60% OF THE HUMAN BODY IS WATER?Combat chronic dehydration with hydrogen water-a proven solution. Its powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties benefit over 150+ diseases, matching the antioxidant benefits of fruits and vegetables.Improve your health significantly by making hydrogen water a daily part of your routine. Start your well-being journey today.


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35 reviews for Hydroshot – Hydrogen Water Bottle

  1. L***r (Verified buyer)

    Awesome Product can’t wait to use it…will report back

    Hydroshot - Hydrogen Water Bottle
  2. A***l (Verified buyer)

    This thing is amazing! I added filtered alkalized water. It ran 2-3 minutes. I illuminates when it is finished. You’ll notice an ozone smell coming from it. It settles.

    Hydroshot - Hydrogen Water Bottle
    Hydroshot - Hydrogen Water Bottle
  3. V***r (Verified buyer)

    It’s smaller than it appears, so you have to fill it up and re-hydronate the water, which takes a couple of minutes. I like it though. We will see how the health benefits are. It’s definitely a “what’s that?” Effect around people. It glows blue and the hydrogen gas fogs up the water to opaque conditions, so the blue light makes it look more curious. I like really hydronating the water. My wife says I am going to break it, but it does have that soda pop effect when opening but with hydrogen and not CO2. Worth the money. Similar ones are more than double the price. One thing that bothers me is the proprietary plug into the container. Why couldn’t it be USB-C or Micro-USB, something we all have plenty of around the house. Now I have to tote around the proprietary plug, that one end is USB-A and the other is a circle ⭕️ plug. If it goes bad or I lose it, then what do I do? I had it by the bed with plenty of cables to charge iPhone, USB-C, Micro-USB, but I had to go get the round plug.

    Hydroshot - Hydrogen Water Bottle
    Hydroshot - Hydrogen Water Bottle
    Hydroshot - Hydrogen Water Bottle
    Hydroshot - Hydrogen Water Bottle
    Hydroshot - Hydrogen Water Bottle
  4. S***a (Verified buyer)

    Received, everything works, only water taste of honey.

    Hydroshot - Hydrogen Water Bottle
  5. e***l (Verified buyer)

    The item arrived early ,

    Hydroshot - Hydrogen Water Bottle
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