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Eliminate agonizing neck pain & poor posture at home

Years of hard work, prolonged sitting, & bad posture apply damaging tension to our cervical vertebrae, forcing them to collapse, which deteriorates the healthy curve in our neck.

This causes our spinal discs to squeeze out of place & press on nearby nerves, leading to that excruciating pain in your neck, shoulders and even to your arms.

Using the CerviFlex for just 20 minutes a day progressively solves the root cause of your discomfort by gently stretching your neck back into its natural position & decompressing your vertebrae leaving you with a healthier neck and happier you.

Heal neck pain permanently

Many neck treatment devices make you lie down or hang awkwardly, looking like something out of a horror movie! But not the CerviFlex it can be worn on-the-go, letting you move freely.

CerviFlex uses a Triple-R traction to stretch your back at an optimal 26° angle, giving your tense neck muscles a well-needed break to relax, realign, & release pinched, inflamed nerves from the damaging pressure built-up over the years. Naturally decompressing your neck with the CerviFlex stretcher for at least 6-8 days permanently rehabilitates damaged spinal structures & muscles, alleviates pain, & fully restores your mobility.

How Does It Work?

CerviFlex naturally restores the optimal curvature of your neck & retrains your muscles to maintain a healthy posture for good, thus removing the stress from the vital areas of your neck.

After three years of prototypes and $112,000 spent in laboratory testing, we stumbled upon the breakthrough of the the combination of the Triple-R Stretch. Leaving you feeling refreshed after 1 session.

  • Realign Cerviflex has 8 air bag columns supporting your neck for a precise 26 degree angle designed to promote natural neck posture and eliminate neck hump.
  • Repair the self-rotation knobs provide gentle decompression allowing the spine to relax, heal, and release all accumulated pressure from you spine
  • Recovery the combination of realignment and decompression helps boost blood circulation in your cervical spine, speeding up the recovery and relieving the pain.

Easy, Safe & Effective

  • Full Mobility While Using the Device – Stay active while using CerviFlex. Move freely, whether standing, sitting, or even walking, without sacrificing pain relief.
  • Restores Healthy Neck Alignment – CerviFlex restores your neck’s natural alignment, reducing pressure and promoting a healthy posture.
  • Easy to Use and Set-up – No complicated tools needed. Use it straight out of the box, the easy setup means rapid relief from neck pain.
  • Convenient and Portable – Take CerviFlex wherever you go – just 2 lbs. of portable comfort for pain relief on the move.


  • No-Risk, 100% Money-Back Guarantee.
  • We have a 24/7/365 email support.
  • 100% premium Quality Inspection on every order.
  • No surprises or hidden fees.
  • End to End Tracking for every order.

23 reviews for KyroLabs CERVIFLEX Neck Stretcher

  1. a***e (Verified buyer)

    This is my very first try at a device like this but I thought it worth the investment given increasing pain from working posture. I’ve tried it for several days now and, as short term results are concerned, it’s been very helpful. I feel much better throughout the night when I have used it that when I didn’t.

    KyroLabs CERVIFLEX Neck Stretcher
  2. U***r (Verified buyer)

    The neck traction has been very helpful in preventing pain on my neck. As soon as I feel pain incoming, I wear it for ten minutes and it goes away! I try to use it at least once a week. Thankful I found this device.

    KyroLabs CERVIFLEX Neck Stretcher
  3. T***a (Verified buyer)

    I have multiple bulged discs in my neck. Recently had an MRI to find out I have a impinged nerve between C6 & 7 causing me a great deal of nerve pain down my left arm and also impacting my spinal canal. Since using the device I no longer have permanent nerve pain and the range of movement in my neck has also improved. It has saved me hundreds of dollars on getting decompression & seeing the Osteopath. I love the fact I can do it in the cracks of my day and don’t need to take time off work to visit the Osteopath. I am beyond thrilled with my purchase & highly recommend it.

    KyroLabs CERVIFLEX Neck Stretcher
  4. W***s (Verified buyer)

    This device is well made. It’s comfortable to wear. It dose what it’s supposed to do. Time will tell if it helps with my neck condition. You won’t win any beauty contests wearing it. It’s a funny look.

    KyroLabs CERVIFLEX Neck Stretcher
  5. W***s (Verified buyer)

    just buy it, you’ll not reget


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