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Goodbye Pain, Hello Relief!

Quickly soothe or prevent migraines anywhere using cold or hot compression therapy. The cap’s cloud-like fabric paired with premium gel inserts guarantee a perfect fit for anyone while providing hot or cold compression for up to 1 hour.

Quick Relief In 3 Easy Steps:

1. Keep in freezer for cold therapy or microwave for 15 seconds if you’d like hot therapy.

2. Wear over your entire face, doubling as an eye mask or just above the eyebrows.

3. Experience instant relief! Guaranteed results for any type of headache.

A Life Changing Experience

We’ve all been there… a surprise migraine strikes, bringing your day to an abrupt stop. But not anymore! With our migraine cap relief is always seconds away so you can seize the day, pain free!

Frequent Questions

How do I know the migraine cap will work for me?

If you suffer from migraines, tension headaches or hot flashes – this cap is for you! We guarantee pain relief in minutes or your money back.

What is the migraine cap made from?

The TheraSoothe migraine cap is made of a silk and cotton blend to ensure its cool to the touch. Our caps do not contain latex.

How long does it take to cool or heat?

For cold: Simply keep the cap in your freezer for convenient relief. It typically takes a minimum of 1 hour in the freezer to reach your desired temperature.

For hot: Microwave for 15-30 seconds and you’ll have instant heat therapy.

How long will it stay hot or cold?

The migraine cap will provide up to 1 hour of cold or hot compression therapy.

Does the cap work for hangovers, allergies and hot flashes as well?

Yes! Our cap has been used for hangovers countless times amongst customers. For allergies the warm compress will work wonders and for hot flashes the cold compress is pure bliss!

Will the migraine cap fit my head?

Yes, the migraine cap features an elastic backing similar to a sweat band ensuring it fits over anyone’s head.

Is this safe to use as a sleeping cap?

Yes, the migraine cap can be used for a sleeping cap. Restless sleepers in particular find that the cooling compression helps soothe anxious thoughts making it easier to fall asleep faster.


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