Ozzi Heat Portable Electric Space Heater

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Heat your home quickly and safely while reducing electricity costs by up to 30%!

  • Rapid Air Dispersal Technology
  • Compact and Portable Design
  • Advanced Safety Protections
  • Quiet, Powerful, and Energy-Efficient

WonderWarmerâ„¢ Energy-Saving Ceramic Heater

Small and Powerful, Efficient and Effective

Experience the cutting-edge Ozzi Heat – where safety meets savings! No more compromising on warmth or your wallet as you try and brave the frosty winter weather! Ozzi Heat keeps you snug and warm while your savings stay put.

Say goodbye to winter chills as Ozzi Heat fills your home with blasts of hot air, warming your space in under 2 minutes, while slashing your electricity bills by up to 30%.

Plus, rest easy with built-in overheat protection, ensuring your family, furniture, and home are always secure. Ozzi Heat is the smart and economical home heating solution that never stops saving you money.

WonderWarmerâ„¢ Energy-Saving Ceramic Heater

Revolutionary Features – Ozzi Heat Does it All

Discover wide-range of features that make the Ozzi Heat Portable Heater function right out of the box with zero effort.

Total Comfort & Everywhere

Ozzi Heat oscillating fans ensure that warm air is evenly distributed around a given space, including all the way down to the floor.

Designed for Maximum Heat Dispersal

The powerful (yet quiet) internal fans help propel warm around to the farthest corners of a room without losing significant temperature.

Advanced Built-In Safety Precautions

Ozzi Heat was designed with internal safety features to protect you at all times, including smart shut-off sensors that prevent overheating.

Ozzi Heat Heater

Complete Control of Your Climate

Use the intuitive interface to set your ideal temperature without having to worry about high electricity costs.

How it Works – Technical Specifications

See just how Ozzi Heat’s convection warming technology heats your home in under 2 minutes!

WonderWarmerâ„¢ Energy-Saving Ceramic Heater

The Home Heating Solution – You Can Take Anywhere

Ozzi Heat goes wherever you need it. Take it from room to room in your home, or bring it on your next getaway for optimal climate control wherever you are.


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  • No surprises or hidden fees.
  • End to End Tracking for every order.

54 reviews for Ozzi Heat Portable Electric Space Heater

  1. I***a (Verified buyer)

    The heater is my favorite, there’s a hot hair dryer, there’s a timer. From the body side there is a switch, on the body panel also has the same button, the seller packs reliably, Good quality and cheap, in the bedroom, temperature increased rapidly, very satisfied.

    Ozzi Heat Portable Electric Space Heater
    Ozzi Heat Portable Electric Space Heater
  2. V***v (Verified buyer)

    Our guest bathroom gets soooo cold during the fall/winter as it’s above the garage and this has worked so well to warm up the small space. I like with this heater you can pick the specific temperature unlike most other standard space heaters where there are just different settings of high, medium, low and sometimes not even that. The timer works well and it’s nice that it has a remote too. We’ve had a couple guests stay in the last few weeks and they’ve all commented how neat this is. With the holidays coming up, this will be even better for all the family coming to stay.

    Ozzi Heat Portable Electric Space Heater
    Ozzi Heat Portable Electric Space Heater
  3. C***o (Verified buyer)

    Works perfectly for our half bathroom, gets really warm and it cuts itself off after it reaches that temperature and back on when it’s below the set tell, really no use for the timer

    Ozzi Heat Portable Electric Space Heater
    Ozzi Heat Portable Electric Space Heater
    Ozzi Heat Portable Electric Space Heater
  4. E***g (Verified buyer)

    This outlet heater is warm, quiet, and has no cords; has a timer and a thermostat; and is small enough that I can tuck it into my desk when not in use.

    Ozzi Heat Portable Electric Space Heater
  5. S***t (Verified buyer)

    It is an ideal product for heating a single room, has a very uniform soft noise (ideal white noise for pets and babies), I am very satisfied with your performance and expense. The command makes it much easier.

    Ozzi Heat Portable Electric Space Heater
    Ozzi Heat Portable Electric Space Heater
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