PRISMORA – Breathing Snuggle Otter

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No More Sleepless Nights

  • Soothing Breathing Motion: Mimicking the rhythmic breathing of a sleeping companion, the otter’s gentle motion creates a sense of calm and comfort.
  • Calming Sounds: Choose from a selection of soothing lullabies and gentle sounds to help ease your mind and drift off into peaceful sleep.

  • Relaxing Lights: Soft, ambient lights create a tranquil environment, perfect for unwinding and letting go of the day’s stresses. Ideal for individuals experiencing ADHD or restlessness.
  • Versatile Solution: Whether you’re battling sleep problems, stress, or separation anxiety, The Breathing Snuggle Otter offers a versatile solution for all ages, providing the serenity and support you need.

Wave goodbye to sleepless nights and embrace deep, rejuvenating rest with the PRISMORA – Breathing Snuggle Otter. Whether addressing sleep problems, stress, anxiety, ADHD, or seeking solace during tough times like breakups or separation anxiety, this cuddly companion provides the serenity and support you crave.



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