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You’ll be reaching for this more than your TV remote once winter sets in. Dry out and heat up your shoes using next to no electricity!

  • Heat up your shoes and socks and save money on electricity with Qinux DizaDry!
The cold enters through the feet. Never was there a truer word said. No matter how many slippers or pairs of socks we put on, keeping our feet warm at home often means turning on the heating for several hours. And with energy prices skyrocketing that can get pretty pricey.

But now you can kiss goodbye to putting your shoes next to the radiator, heater, or fire to dry them out after a rainy day.

  • Dries and eliminates damp and unplesant smells from your footwear

Stone cold, soaking wet shoes are set to become a thing of the past.

The unique Qinux DizaDry electric system emits heat while eliminating humidity and unpleasant smells, leaving your clean and dry for whenever you want to wear ir next.

The timer can be set for 4, 8, and 12-hour periods. That means you can head to bed with complete peace of mind.

How to use it?

Connect your Qinux DizaDry device to the power supply.

Put on your shoes or socks

Enjoy your warm slippers whenever you like

The best option on the market

  • Shoe dryer

Dries, heats, eliminates odor and disinfects your shoes

  • Dry and warm shoes

This shoe dryer is an excellent item for drying and heating shoes on rainy days or in winter.

  • Prevents bacteria and infections

By eliminating moisture and combating the growth of possible bacteria or fungi, it helps your footwear last much longer.

  • Built-in timer

The timer can be set to turn off after 3, 6 or 9 hours. Ideal to leave it overnight and keep your slippers warm in the morning.

Prolongs wearability and protects against foot fungus and infection by eliminating humidity

In addition to drying out damp shoes, Qinux DizaDry can also be used to warm up socks and slippers.

Can you imagine waking up on a cold winter’s day and sliding on warm slippers? What better way to start the day?

And that’s not all! Qinux DizaDry effectively sterilizes the inside of the shoe, preventing the growth of possible bacteria or fungi that may develop. This ensures your shoes last a lot longer.


If you want to improve the health of your and your family’s feet, with Qinux DizaDry you’ll keep your shoes dry and warm round the clock.

Simple accessory with two dryers that are inserted inside the shoe and constantly emit hot air at 180°C, thus drying water and sweat.

They help reduce bacteria and odor growth in both footwear and feet.

From today until the end of the month, get 50% off your order when you buy one or more units.

  • No more wet shoes

Shoes dry in a short time with hot air

  • Easy to use

It is so easy to use and the results are so effective that you will wish you had discovered it sooner.

  • Take it anywhere

Thanks to its size and weight, you can use it whenever you need it.


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