Quantum EMF Necklace

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  • EMF Defense Pendant
  • Effective for 5G
  • Embedded BEAM System
  • 5ft. Functional Radius
  • High Gloss Mirror Finish
  • 90° Solid Cast Structure

EMF Solutions, Reimagined

The Quantum collection is the new way to deal with EMF

Take Control of EMF

Many of us wonder about how much EMF we are exposed to on a daily basis. We know about our cell phones to wifi, even your Bluetooth devices all have the potential of EMF.

There is also the ambient EMF outside from cell towers or electrical poles. We are constantly exposed to EMF in our environment and this constant exposure causes concern.

One way people have found to help themselves is with an EMF pendant. This pendant can be worn daily to help reduce the concern around environmental EMF.

Have you noticed how much EMF is causing anxiety in your life?

You’ve done the research, you’ve read all about EMF, so far you have not done anything. Instead, all of this research has made your concerns worse.

We get it, because we have been there. That is why we decided to find a solution.

One of the first things that people can do is get an EMF pendant to help deal with environmental EMF concerns.

BEAM – BioEnergetic Attunement Mechanism

Our BEAM methodology brings the metaphysical to the physical world by incorporating the practices of higher consciousness and awareness to physical tokens of embodiment and manifestation.

BEAM focuses life energy forces and directs them to specific targeted areas to enhance and augment your natural phyiscal and mental abilities already inherent within.

Copper Solutions for Even the Toughest Challenge

Copper is naturally conductive, due to its positive ions. Copper is missing an electron and that missing electron allows copper to exchange electrinos giving it it’s electrical conductivity. This conductivity is perfect for dealing with EMF, which can be naturally conducted through the material seamlessly.

Say Goodbye to EMF, Hello Life

We understand the effect of EMF experienced on unprecidented levels today. With so much information and so few answers we set out to find solutions.

Conscious Copper finds products designed to help bring consciousness and awareness to EMF, helping to reduce anxiety and provide clarity.

This gold-plated jewelry mimics the elegance of real gold, ideal for fashion use. Note: It’s not real gold, but a high-quality plating for style.


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