Saviour – Shoe Washing Bag

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  • Deep cleans without damaging fabric
  • Prevents sneaker discoloration
  • Fits all shoe sizes, adjustable trees
  • Reusable and durable for long-term use

Spotless Sneakers in Seconds

This bag delivers superior 360° cleaning. It deeply cleanses and refreshes all types of footwear without the risk of tinting associated with other bags. Complete with adjustable shoe trees and durable construction, it ensures stain removal, odor elimination, and shape retention, ideal for both casual and athletic shoes.

Banish Dirt and Smell from Your Shoes in Moments

Footwear suffers daily from grime and odor, leaving them less appealing. The Shoe Savior Bag transforms this with a quick session, erasing traces of dirt and smell, restoring the allure of your sneakers.
Leveraging unique microfiber technology, the bag secures a thorough cleanse that protects and rejuvenates.
Suited for all sizes, it’s your go-to for keeping shoes spotless and odor-free. No more manual labor, just fresh-looking footwear. Forever.

Refresh Your Sneakers, Refresh Your Step

Frequent washing wears out shoes, and hand-cleaning is tedious. Our Shoe Washing Bag offers a hassle-free solution. Crafted to protect and clean, it uses gentle yet effective cleaning action to remove dirt and odors, preserving your shoes’ look and feel. Just one wash promises noticeable freshness, and with regular use, extends your footwear’s life, ensuring lasting comfort and style.

How to use it?

Learn the best way to keep your sneakers spotless with our Saviour, as demonstrated by our founder, Jamie.


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