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Our 4-in-1 Hair Hero

Meet Hygiwell’s Scalp Revitalizer – the ultimate 4 in 1 brush to prevent and reverse hair thinning!

How it Works

1) Prepare the Device: Open your Radiant Roots Scalp Revitalizer and ensure it’s charged.

Pull the tab on back of the brush to add your favorite scalp oil. Hold bottom button to start.

2) Activate Vibration Mode: Press the right button to activate vibration mode. There are 3 speeds.

3) Activate Red and Blue Light Penetration: Click the left button to activate red and blue light penetration.

Red light stimulates collagen production for quicker hair growth. Blue light eliminates scalp bacteria and reduces dandruff.

4) Activate Oil Diffuser: Press the power button once to activate the oil diffuser.

5) Duration & Benefits: Aim for at least 10 minutes of use to optimize blood circulation, and enhance hair growth.

4-in-1 Hair Brush

1) Massage Nodes: boost blood circulation with a 10 minute scalp massage to prevent hair loss.

2) Red Light Therapy: simulate hair follicles and boost collagen for fuller hair.

3) Blue Light Therapy: eliminate bacteria build up to keep hair healthy and shiny.

4) Hair Oil Diffuser: easily diffuse and absorb your favorite hair oil for direct penetration. It’s mess free and heatless for easy use!


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