SleepyTime Otter Snuggle Buddy

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Say goodbye to restless nights with a cuddly companion that ensures tranquil sleep for your little ones and pets.

  • Ensures peaceful slumber
  • Comforts toddlers swiftly
  • Soothes puppies gently
  • Snuggly & soft texture

Product Details

  • Musical otter plush sound machine with “breathing” motion for babies from birth +
  • 11 Sensory Discoveries to engage your baby’s senses of sight, hearing, and touch
  • Otter mimics the rhythmic motion of breathing to naturally soothe your baby
  • Customizable with up to 30 mins of music and sounds, volume control, and soft lights
  • Extra-soft fabrics; machine washable with electronics removed
  • Smilestones: Bringing a smile to milestones! This toy helps with Calming & Soothing through sounds & gentle vibrations that remind baby of their first home a safe, cozy belly

Care Instructions

Spot Clean or machine wash. If you wash it in a machine remove batteries, place in a pillow case and wash on a gentle cycle.


Fluff and shake to air dry.

Restless Nights? Not with Our Snuggle Buddy!

The SleepyTime Otter Snuggle Buddy is a lifesaver for tired parents and pet owners. This adorable plush doubles as a gentle cuddle companion to calm your little ones and furry friends. Its softness is irresistible, and its presence is comforting, providing an ideal sleep environment by reducing anxiety and restlessness.

Serene Sleep Solution in a Snuggle

Unlock the secret to serene nights with the SleepyTime Otter Snuggle Buddy. Its plush embrace mimics the reassuring touch of a mother, delivering instant comfort. Whether it’s easing separation anxiety for puppies or giving toddlers a cozy bedtime friend, this otter is a child’s and pet’s nighttime guardian.

Bedtime Struggles? Wave them goodbye!

We’ve all faced the bedtime battles, the tossing, turning, and the ‘I can’t sleep’ cries. But with the SleepyTime Otter Snuggle Buddy, those struggles turn into sweet dreams. It’s not just a plush, it’s a bedtime ritual that prepares your cherished ones for a night of restful, uninterrupted sleep.


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