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Celebrate Your Love with Every Call

Bring your most cherished moments to life with the Eternal-Ink Case. Whether it’s an anniversary, a spontaneous selfie from your last date, or that unforgettable vacation sunset, let your phone case be a daily reminder of the love you share.

For Pet Owners

Pets are more than friends-they are family. With Eternal-Ink Case, keep the joy they bring you as close as your phone. Customize your case with their cutest snaps, a memorable paw print, or a touching tribute to a lost but never forgotten friend.

Built to Last

Your phone is an investment, and the Eternal-Ink Case is designed to protect that investment.

Crafted from the highest quality TPU material and equipped with cutting-edge shock absorption technology, this case doesn’t just look good-it’s built to withstand the rigors of everyday life.


How does it work?

  1. Search for and download the App [InkShow] in the App Store
  2. Simply fit the E-ink Case on your mobile phone
  3. Open the APP and start creating your theme, add text and pictures, edit them freely.
  4. Click the button in the botton to synchronize and upload to your Eternal-ink Case -DONE!!

Does it drain my phone’s battery?

Absolutely Not! It only requires a minimal amount of power from your phone when you’re changing the image. Once the image is updated, the smart ink screen holds the picture indefinitely without the need for a continuous power supply.

What comes with my Eternal-ink Case?

  • Eternal-ink Case
  • CrystalShield Edge-to-Edge Tempered Glass
  • Instructions manual

Does it protect my phone?

Our cases aren’t just about style and personal expression; they’re also built for protection. Each Eternal-Ink Case is crafted from high-quality TPU material, known for its durability and resistance to impact.

We’ve integrated advanced shock absorption technology that helps safeguard your phone against accidental drops and bumps.


  • No-Risk, 100% Money-Back Guarantee.
  • We have a 24/7/365 email support.
  • 100% premium Quality Inspection on every order.
  • No surprises or hidden fees.
  • End to End Tracking for every order.


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